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RotaLube System

RotaLube automatic lubrication system for applying oil and grease accurately to conveyor and roller chains

The system behind Rotalube® can be designed to meet our customers exacting requirements, from a basic pumping system mounted on a back plate to a comprehensive monitoring system housed in an enclosure. Such a system had the following design criteria…

Automatic oil lubrication system for applying lube accurately to conveyor and roller chains and reducing maintenance time
  • 10 Rotalube® system to lubricate 10 strands of chain.
  • Each Rotalube® had the facility to turned on independently of the others, for instance No.3 & No.8 could be turned on whilst the others are off.
  • The flow of oil to each individual Rotalube® was monitored and measured so we would know how much oil was applied to each individual chain.
  • The ability to blow air only through each individual Rotalube® to clear nozzles and/or clean the chain to be prior to lubrication.
  • Air flow/pressure can be individually set to each Rotalube®.
  • Automatic fill from an external 205 litre drum.

Of course the above system was designed for chain lubrication only; we can design and incorporate other lubrication points for bearings for instance.