RotaLube RSL H2 130 Conveyor Chain Oil

High-temperature ester-based chain oils offer a multitude of benefits for various industrial applications. The unique properties of ester-based formulations allow them to excel in high-temperature environments, ensuring superior lubrication and wear protection for chains, gears, and other moving components. These oils exhibit remarkable thermal stability, reducing the risk of oxidation and deposit formation even at extreme temperatures, thereby extending the maintenance intervals and minimizing downtime.

Additionally, high-temperature ester-based chain oils’ exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion characteristics contribute to increased equipment lifespan and enhanced operational efficiency, making them a reliable choice for demanding industries where heat and heavy loads are prevalent.

RSL-H2-130 stands out as an outstanding choice due to its exceptional thermal stability, resulting in reduced oil consumption compared to conventional mineral or synthetic chain oils. By minimising the need for frequent oil replenishment, it not only offers superior performance but also proves to be a cost-effective investment in the long run. Its remarkable properties make it a financially sound option that ensures top-notch performance for industrial applications.

High Temp Chain Oil for use on applications including powder coating and paint plants, Building materials, kilns etc.

  • Works with Rota Lube Systems
  • Synthetic, Low Evaporation Formula
  • Operating Temps over 260c
  • Extend Chain Life
  • Reduce Consumption
  • minimal build up
  • Silicone Free