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RotaLube RA

Manufactured from Polyacetal POM material the standard range of RotaLube RA chain lubrication applicators

Manufactured from Polyacetal POM material, our standard range of Rotalube® applicators provide a good reliable method of applying lubricant to the chain plates and/or roller. They can be supplied with or without reducing nozzles. This applicator will operate using air pressure no more than 1 bar (15 psi), it is supplied with Nitrile (NBR) seals as standard however alternative sealing such as Viton (FKM) are available. This unit is design to operate in relatively low temperatures up to 80 °C.

RotaLube RA lubrication sprockets a good reliable method of applying lubricant to chain plates and roller chain
  • Polyacetal POM
  • Supplied with or without outlet reducing nozzles
  • 1 bar (15psi) pressure
  • Nitrile sealing as standard with Viton alternates
  • Up to 80 °C
  • Chain speed up to 70 metres per minute