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RotaLube Extreme

RotaLube extreme lubrication sprockets for applying precise amounts of lube to chains at the right place accurately

Manufactured from Aluminium or steel material, similar in characteristic to the enhanced range of Rotalube® applicators this series provides an unequalled and reliable method of applying lubricant to the chain plates and/or roller, designed to operate in temperatures up to 300°C. Supplied without reducing nozzles, this type of applicator has an extended pressure range up to 2 bar (30 psi). Where corrosion / oxidization are concerns this unit can be supplied with an electrolytic passivation process (anodised) in conjunction with aluminium.

Lubrication Rotalube sprockets used in an automated lubrication system to apply oil and grease to chains
  • Aluminium or steel (silver in colour)
  • Supplied without outlet reducing nozzles
  • 2 bar (30psi) pressure
  • Up to 300 °C
  • Chain speed in excess of 70 metres per minute
  • Anodised alternative