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RotaLube to showcase revolutionary chain lubrication system at Maintec 2023

RotaLube has developed a patented solution for reliabily delivering accurate amounts of chain oil directly where it is needed, irrespective of chain stretch or speed – and is proud to bring this groundbreaking technology to the upcoming Maintec exhibition in June.

Automated chain lubrication systems specialist RotaLube has chosen Maintec, taking place 7-8th June at the NEC in Birmingham, for its first ever exhibition outing and is looking forward to meeting customers face-to-face to explore their chain lubrication challenges.

At stand F63 RotaLube experts will be available to discuss the many benefits of its unique automatic lubrication system for roller or conveyor chain, including:

  • Reduced wear and increased component life
  • Reduced lubricant consumption
  • Reduced energy consumption and noise
  • Simpler maintenance requirements and reduced downtime
  • Minimised product and environmental contamination
  • Reduced operational costs

“Ineffective lubrication is one of the main reasons for roller or conveyor chain not performing at its best and is a problem we see far too often in the industry. RotaLube takes the hassle out of manual lubrication and eliminates the accuracy issues of other automated lubrication systems to ensure chains are correctly lubricated at all times,” says David Chippendale, Director of RotaLube.

Connected to a pump system, the RotaLube applicators, shaped like sprockets, engage with the chain as it moves, applying the oil directly to the pivot points, no matter the size of the chain or the speed or temperature at which it is operating.  

A RotaLube for all applications

The applicators come in a range of different sizes, materials and designs, including custom solutions, to meet customers’ individual needs across the food processing, pharmaceuticals, textiles, quarrying and cement, biomass, paper and pulp, and packaging industries.

In partnership with lubricant experts, RotaLube application engineers can even recommend the right lubricant and deliver it on subscription to ensure customers are never without supply.

“Maintec will be the first trade show where we have ever exhibited and we are so excited to connect with industry professionals face-to-face and discuss our innovation at a time when improving efficiency, profitability and environmenal impact has never been more important,” Chippendale adds.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with RotaLube experts at Maintec 2023, please visit


May 2023