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Ovens and Dryers

Rotalube installed an automatic lubrication system a few years ago to lubricate two 7” Pitch Chains on a Spooner Oven. The oven operates 24/7 and operates at a maximum temperature of 265 Deg C  (482 Deg F).

The chain is still in operation today and the ROI (Return On Investment) was achieved in the first year.

The existing method of lubricating the chains was replaced with five key main objectives

  • Reduce lubricant consumption
  • Keep the Amps to a minimum and a constant
  • Increase the life of the chain
  • Safety
  • Increase Up Time

All of the above points have been quantified time and time again using Rotalube and now this system is the preferred method of lubrication for many end users and OEM`s.

Rotalube will apply small accurate amounts of oil onto the chain exactly at the right time in the right place, irrespective of chain speed or chain stretch.