RotaLube Return On Investment focus

Log accumulator for tissue paper

Return on investment and cost of ownership analysis

Log accumulator for tissue paper using RotaLube automatic chain lubrication system return on investment analysis

Costs incurred each year:

Tensioning: production loss = £1500 x 25 weeks = £37,500 per annum

Link replacement: production loss = £ 9000 x 8 (times per year) = £72,000 per annum

Replacement chain extended pin sets: = £ 800 x 8 (times per year) = £6,400 per annum

Chain Lubricant: lubricant and regular replacement of the applicator brushes: = £21,000 per annum

Chain replacement: based on changing every two years = £2,500 per annum

Rejected and contaminated products: = £3000 per annum

Total cost of ownership: Replacement chain parts and lubrication per year = £26,500 per annum

Save money, save time, make more production

If you manufacture rolled tissue products you will have Log Accumulators for tissue paper in the process, the reason for this publication is to make you aware of a unique process that increases the life of your chain. In most installations by a factor of 2 – fact, proven and verified.

Replacement chain cost in the region of £7000 and can cost as much as £13000.

Time taken to replace the chains would normally commit 5 engineers who would take in the region of 12 hours. Scaffolding and height access equipment are also required.

It is not uncommon for the life of the chains on a Log Accumulator to need replacing after 3 years of use. With the addition of a Rotalube System that life can be extended to 6 years.

Rotalube is a unique patented method of applying lubrication ‘little and often’ at the ‘right place on the chain at exactly the right time’. Unaffected by speed change or stop/ start indexing chain systems Rotalube also reduces lubricant volumes substantially AND therefore reduces spend.

A Rotalube system price costs in the region of £3500** (installation, by the user, circa £500, 1/2 day) in most cases the return on investment is in the region of 120 days. Find out more and / or talk to our systems engineers.