Effective automated lubrication for warehouse conveyor systems

RotaLube has helped some of the world’s biggest manufacturers and retailers to optimise chain conveyor maintenance in their warehousing, distribution, and logistics processes. In this fast-paced environment, conveyor efficiency plays an important role in meeting tight delivery targets and ensuring customer satisfaction. Companies simply cannot afford the impact of time lost to unscheduled or lengthy conveyor stoppages on their bottom line or reputation.

The RotaLube system helps avoid unplanned downtime by effectively lubricating the conveyor chains and maintaining their optimal condition. The system also helps shorten planned downtime by reducing the demands on maintenance technicians and lengthening the service life of the chain.

Preventing chain lubricant from damaging products is also an important concern in warehousing and distribution. Companies do not need the risk of products having to be wasted due to oil stains or complaints from customers. RotaLube avoids this situation by delivering precise amounts of lubricant directly and only to the pivot points of the chain where it is needed.

How can I reduce breakdowns on my warehouse conveyor?

Improper chain lubrication is one of the most common causes of conveyor breakdowns. When lubricant has been applied to the outside of the chain, either manually or via an automated brush, spit or drip system, it may not penetrate the links of the chain where it is needed to prevent friction and, therefore, wear. Another potential cause of conveyor breakdowns in distribution centres is automated brush lubrication systems becoming clogged and leading to damage of other machinery components. RotaLube helps reduce conveyor breakdowns by reliably ensuring each pivot point of the chain is well lubricated. The specially-designed RotaLube applicator is shaped like a sprocket that engages with each chain link as the conveyor moves, irrespective of its speed or the elongation of the chain. The RotaLube system can also clean itself by running a cycle of air rather than oil through the nozzles, if required.

How can I prevent oil contamination from my warehouse conveyor?

Managing excess oil on the chain’s exterior is vital to prevent contamination and avoid contact with products and packaging, which in warehousing and distribution applications could lead to wasted goods, missed delivery deadlines, and potential customer complaints. This issue often arises due to indiscriminate application methods, such as manual or automated systems like brush, drip-feed, or spit systems, or simply due to an excessive amount of oil being applied.

To effectively address these concerns, the RotaLube system provides an exemplary solution. This innovative system applies precisely the right amount of oil exclusively to the chain pins and bushes, eliminating any wastage or spillage. During conveyor operation, the sprocket-shaped applicator seamlessly engages with each chain link, ensuring accurate and optimal distribution of the oil. As a result, the RotaLube system offers superior performance, safeguarding against contamination and promoting smooth and efficient operations.

What is the best chain lubricant for warehouse conveyors?

Choosing the perfect chain lubricant for your warehouse conveyor involves considering essential factors like your specific operational environment, maintenance practices, and the nature of the conveyed items. At RotaLube, we excel in applying lubricants to conveyor chains and we can also supply the correct lubricant that integrates with your specific system.

But our commitment doesn’t end there. We go the extra mile by offering a convenient subscription service for replacement lubricants. This not only saves you time and money but also assures you that your warehouse conveyor chain is being well cared for, contributing to uninterrupted operations and performance.

Case study

RotaLube helped the UK’s biggest fashion retailer to ensure the chain on its warehouse conveyor was correctly lubricated and that no garments were contaminated.

The clothing company in question had installed a KNAPP Dürkopp Fördertechnik conveyor for transporting and sequencing hanging garments in its distribution centre. This is an advanced solution for trolley-free technology, but the lubrication method was not so high tech. The retailer was relying on manual lubrication and wick oilers supplied by the manufacturer.

Implementing the automated RotaLube system meant that the conveyor did not need to be stopped for the chain to be lubricated, increasing productivity. This is a crucial benefit given the fast-paced nature of the fashion business.  RotaLube also saved time and effort for the maintenance team, enabling them to focus on other important tasks. Finally, it ensured the chain remains optimally lubricated at all times for lower noise, less wear, and a minimal risk of contamination of the garments.

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