Chain Lubrication Made Simple and More Cost-Effective

Improve your chain maintenance process with our cost-effective lubrication solution. This easy-to-use product delivers exceptional precision and reliability, offering substantial cost savings and operational efficiencies whilst promoting environmental sustainability.

Enhance Your Maintenance
Process with RotaLube

Increase Chain Life

Ensures optimal lubrication, extending chain longevity.

Reduce Downtime

Minimises maintenance, interruptions, keeping operations smooth.

Reduce Lubricant Consumption

Precise application reduces waste.

Reduce Environmental Contamination

Eco-conscious design minimises waste and environmental impact.

Reduce System Power Consumption

Efficient lubrication lowers energy usage.

How it Works

The RotaLube ECO Lubrication Kit includes everything needed for simple, precise targeted lubrication using a handheld spray can. The kit consists of a RotaLube applicator, mounting bracket, flexible tube, aerosol can adapter, connectors, and a restrictor to control lubricant release.

Step 1

Fix Mounting Bracket

Step 2

Position Applicator

Step 3

Connect Tube

Who are RotaLube

RotaLube is a premier provider of innovative lubrication solutions for industrial applications. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, RotaLube enables businesses to optimise their equipment performance while minimising environmental impact. RotaLube’s accessibility to a wide range of industries including – Biomass, Tissue, Cement, Food & Drink and Plasterboard – has allowed businesses to streamline their maintenance processes with confidence.

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