Chain lubrication for theme park rides

Conveyor chain can be found on a wide variety of amusement park rides from roller coasters, through log flumes and river rapids, to ferris wheels and carousels – essentially, any attraction that involves some form of continuous motion with cars or ride elements moving along a predetermined path.

Effective lubrication of the conveyor chain plays a critical role in ensuring these rides remain safe and in full working order. At the same time, closures for maintenance need to be scheduled carefully to avoid disappointing guests, especially during peak season. RotaLube can help with a reliable automated lubrication system that decreases maintenance requirements and ensures chain is kept in top condition at all times.

Case Study

RotaLube helped one of the UK’s premier theme parks to increase the expected service life of a conveyor chain on its river rapid ride from two to seven years. The new maintenance programme also resulted in reduced lubricant consumption, less water contamination and greater ride uptime, ultimately leading to lower maintenance costs and heightened visitor satisfaction.

Prior to RotaLube’s intervention, the amusement park’s maintenance team faced the daunting task of manually lubricating the ride’s conveyor chain using conventional aerosol lubricant sprays. This laborious process not only posed safety risks for staff but also incurred exorbitant expenses due to the substantial quantities of aerosol lubricant consumed. Annual aerosol lubricant costs amounted to £10,000. Moreover, the excessive oil usage led to water contamination, giving rise to a displeasing rainbow effect that marred guests’ perception of the ride’s cleanliness and appeal.

Despite the generous application of the lubricant, the oil failed to effectively reach the chain’s pivot points, where it was needed to mitigate friction, and the chain would run dry. To avoid disappointing guests, closing the water ride for relubrication during high season was not an option. So the chain would experience unnecessary wear, corrosion, and an undesirably short service life. Rust also contaminated the water, further exacerbating the situation.

Installation of the RotaLube automated chain lubrication system in 2019 proved to be a game-changer for the visitor attraction. It alleviated the maintenance team’s burdens, ensured continuous ride operation, and provided consistent lubrication to the chain while preserving water purity. The results were remarkable, as the existing two-year-old chain’s service life increased to four years.

Following the replacement of this chain in 2022, exclusive lubrication via the RotaLube system is projected to give the new chain a service life of seven years. As a result, the theme park stands to save more than a third on chain replacement costs. Additionally, the reduced lubricant usage has significantly decreased maintenance expenses and lessened the environmental impact. With maintenance staff now able to focus on other tasks, the ride remains open, clean, and enjoyable, leaving guests thoroughly satisfied.

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