Cement Production

Heavy duty use in challenging conditions like those found in cement production, means that chains need to be kept in optimum condition enabling longer replacement intervals and lower consumption of oil and energy. Poor lubrication is a main cause for conveyors underperforming in those situations.

Well-lubricated chains however, run smoother, reducing the energy required to drive them with the added bonus of a considerable reduction in noise. The less friction involved decreases chain wear and wear on the associated components for less downtime and a longer service life. Additionally, well-lubricated chain increases the service intervals.

A RotaLube® system was installed on 12” pitch chain in a circular reclaimer at a cement plant several years ago. The customer has reported a reduced oil consumption of up to 7000 litres a year, equating to an annual saving of almost £10,000 in lubricant costs.

The service life of the reclaimer chain itself has also been extended, which by the end of 2020 had generated a cost saving of £60,000 meaning the entire system paid for itself in just two and a half months.