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A unique patented method of applying accurate amounts of lubricant to chains…

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About RotaLube

The original idea for the RotaLube product dates back to 2007 with patents applied for and granted shortly thereafter. RotaLube products are now sold around the world and used in diverse industries – timber, food processing and packaging among them.

We can supply the RotaLube applicators as separate items and supply or advise on the lubrication system to suit the chain lubrication requirement.

The lubrication systems can be pre-assembled prior to delivery and the equipment can be mounted on back plates or inside enclosures. Alternatively you can design and supply your own systems.

RotaLube also has its LC range, a low cost range of chain lubrication applicators and pumps. These are typically items that are ex stock and can be supplied as simple kits for installation by the end user.

RotaLube Timeline

  • 2007 – the inspiration
  • 2008 – design, advice, & IP protection applied for
  • 2009 – concept proven at Lancaster University
  • 2009 – prototyping and testing – WOW, it really works…
  • 2011/12 – UK patent granted
  • 2012 – first major RotaLube installation circa £16k – STILL RUNNING TODAY.
  • 2013 – US patent granted
  • 2013 – licence to sell agreed with Interlube (later Timken)
  • 2014 – RotaLube approved by the largest chocolate manufacturing company in the word and is still today their preferred method of chain lubrication
  • 2015 – an order for the largest single RotaLube installation circa £29k.
  • 2016 – sales throughout the world confirms RotaLube’s position as the best chain lubrication system available.
  • 2016 – new patents granted for improved and innovative design.
  • 2021 – RotaLube becomes part of FB Chain.

To date sales of RotaLube have been to… Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Cwmbran.