Chain lubrication oil applicator Rotalube for lubricating conveyor and roller chains

A unique, patented method of applying accurate amounts of lubricant directly onto the pivot points of conveyor and roller chains.

Ineffective lubrication is one of the main causes of chain conveyor issues. RotaLube solves many of these issues – and prevents them from even occurring – by reliably delivering the exact amount of lubricant to the exact parts of the chain where it is needed, and nowhere else.

Return on Investment


ThyssenKrupp Circular Reclaimer in the quarry industry used a standard oil drip feed system to Lubricate two 12″ Pitch chains.

Theme Park RotaLube


Theme Park Ride had two 7″ chains that were partly submerged in chlorinated water. With Rotalube chain life was extended by three and lubricant consumption reduced.


  • Minimises product contamination
  • Minimises environmental contamination
  • Reduces lubricant consumption
  • Reduces conveyor energy consumption
  • Reduces conveyor noise
  • Reduces chain wear and increases service life
  • Reduces unplanned downtime
  • Simplifies maintenance requirements
  • Reduces conveyor running costs


  • Food & beverage production (incl. ovens & dryers, pin ovens)​
  • Quarrying & cement production (incl. reclaimers)​
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing​
  • Textiles manufacturing​
  • Warehousing​
  • Packaging​
  • Paper & pulp​
  • Biomass​
  • Recycling​
  • Theme park rides

Connected to a pump system, the RotaLube applicators, shaped like sprockets, engage with the chain as it moves, applying the oil directly to the pivot points, no matter the size of the chain or the speed or temperature at which it is operating.  

We offer a range of applicators in different sizes, materials and designs, including custom solutions, to meet your individual needs.